Monday, July 16, 2007

Edwards Launches "Road to One America" Tour

On Day 1 of his tour of some of America's most impoverished areas, John Edwards will visit the New Orleans rebuilding project. This tour is particuarly meaningful as none of the locations include early primary states (ie: New Hampshire, Nevada, or Iowa) and he is not fundraising or campaigning. The sole purpose to this tour is to raise American awareness of how poorly some of our people have it. Some conservative media has scoffed at Edwards' tour, because unemployment is so low and because the New York Stock Exchange is the highest ever. Edwards and Democrats however know that even in times of great prosperity, people suffer. In fact, the poor are even more forgotten in this times, because many Americans assume this prosperity spreads to every man, woman, and child within the US. Other stops for this tour include Appalachia and the Rust Belt. More information can be found on Edwards' website: so you can learn more or donate some money to help the impoverished of our great country.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Why John Edwards?

For the first installment of my political blog I would like to discuss why I support him.
In the broadest possible sense, John Edwards is a populist and a young, idealistic leader. I think that most of us can agree that it would be in the best interests of this nation to move forward. However, many believe that this idealism is in the form of Mr. Obama. Most of these folks are wrong and I know in my heart that John Edwards will be our candidate in 2008!
These are my main reasons for supporting Edwards:
  • He cares about America and not just by helping corporate America or the wealthy. If Edwards' vision of America is realized, he along with the other affluent citizens of this nation will be taxed higher. Even though he worked as a consultant for a hedge-fund, he supports taxing hedge-fund managers at a higher rate. Most importantly, Edwards is more than just making plans--he acts. During the past few years after John Kerry's failed Presidential attempt, Edwards invested much time in poverty. Currently he is on a 3 day, 11 city poverty campaign throughout some of the poorest regions of America. This is because he truly cares, not because he is trying to garner support, because the poor are among the lowest voting demographic.
  • John Edwards is the strongest Democrat against the GOP and according to most polls is viewed more favorably than both Obama and Clinton. Above all it is important that the Democrats have a strong candidate to match up against the Republicans in 2008 so we can take back the White House. Hillary Clinton will surely do well, as she is organized, has massive funds, and has one of the greatest strategists of our time at her disposal, but she is simply too polar of a candidate to win. (
Some of my other reasons for supporting former Senator Edwards include his support for unions, his ambition to raise minimum wage to $9.50 an hour, and his desire to pull out of Iraq. It takes a strong person to admit when they are wrong, and John Edwards did just that after realizing the Bush administration's deception of the American public.

As a closing note, if this is not enough to convince you, consider this: Elizabeth Edwards is truly an amazing women, so John Edwards must be a half-decent man to be married to her, despite his fondess for expensive grooming.